Membership at Living Truth is required to serve in leadership and our many areas of ministry.


LT Welcome Nights are gatherings at a home for a welcome and introduction to Living Truth. We try to hold these nights several times a year, usually after a membership class has completed. Although not a required step, it is a good way to get a feel for us as a church body and ask questions of some of our pastors and staff. We also want to help you discover how you can connect and get more involved with the body of Christ at Living Truth.These nights are open to those new to the church who may be considering LT as a church home as well as those that have just completed our membership class.



FIRM FOUNDATION consists of two 4-week courses that cover all aspects of Christianity from the point of salvation to the work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life. These classes are held on Sundays during our 1st service, upstairs in one of our classrooms. To serve in a leadership capacity and serve in many of our various ministries at Living Truth, membership is required.

FIRM FOUNDATION MEMBERSHIP CLASSThis 4-week course is required for membership and consists of:

  • Salvation - Being born again - what it means, how we are saved, and justification
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Disciple & the Process of Sanctification
  • Prayer - What prayer is, why we should pray, how we should pray
  • Fellowship & Evangelism - Importance of being in the local church and basic principles of evangelism

FIRM FOUNDATION SPIRITUAL GIFTS CLASSThis 4-week course teaches on spiritual gifts. Although not required for membership, this is a favorite part of the Firm Foundation classes for those who have completed the membership portion. This class consists of:

  • The Spiritual Gifts - Understanding the gifts and their purposes
  • Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Using Your Spiritual Gifts to Serve
  • Multiplication - How to disciple others

Our Firm Foundation classes are offered throughout the year. Although there are times when schedules may change, you can expect to see the membership class offered three times per year and the spiritual gifts class twice per year. Check the bulletin and announcements for dates to register for these classes.

NEXT STEPS LEADERSHIP CLASSOur Next Steps Leadership Class will be offered on either two consecutive Sunday mornings during 1st service, or at a two-hour Saturday session. This class is required to serve in a ministry leader position. The completion of the Firm Foundation Membership Class is the prerequisite to taking the leadership class, unless you are already a member and went through the process before our Firm Foundation classes were formed. Again, check the bulletin and announcements for class times and registration.