The James 1:27 Ministry is a ministry to widows and orphans and expands to those in need of special help, both children and adults. James 1:27 consists of two main ministries, whose goal is to reach out the hand of fellowship and provide practical help to those who need it.

HOME & HOSPITAL:  Home & Hospital is a ministry that reaches out to those who are hospitalized or home-bound due to an illness or injury.  This ministry provides encouragement, fellowship and prayer through home or hospital visits.

MEALS MINISTRY: Our Meals Ministry provides meals to families recovering from a health issue, injury, childbirth, etc.  The meals this ministry provides are truly a blessing to those who receive them.


James 1:27 is also the umbrella for two other sub-ministries that reach out to needy children, CHILDSHARE and ROYAL FAMILY KIDS CAMP.


CHILD S.H.A.R.E. exists to offer hope and wholeness and to work toward healing, empowerment and justice for children in foster care by equipping families, individuals, volunteers and faith communities to provide and support foster and adoptive homes. - See more at:

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ROYAL FAMILY KIDS CAMP is a special week-long camp for children in foster care that provides, not only a wonderful experience for foster care children, but a unique opportunity to share the Gospel with them and bring them into a saving knowledge of the truth that gives them hope for the future through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

You can find out more about ROYAL FAMILY KIDS CAMP by clicking on their page under our list of ministries.