Welcome to Living Truth Christian Fellowship

We exist as a ministry to build up believers and reach out with God’s love and truth.

Our motto, Truth Matters (John 17:17), draws itself from our deep desire and dedication to seek out and pass along the truths found in God's Word, without compromise. In a time when truth is often considered obsolete or relative, we do believe (no, more than that, we know!!) that God's truth still matters.

Therefore, if you choose to make Living Truth your home church you can expect a strong, in-depth forty-five minute to one hour study on Sunday mornings. The teaching is from the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. We will draw our wisdom and direction from God's Word and we as a church family consider it the final authority for all questions regarding faith, practice, etc. Sadly, this approach to ministry is becoming unique in American Christianity. All too often the Bible is abandoned, compromised or the message watered down.

Living Truth offers a variety of Bible studies throughout the week and Steps to Spiritual Growth classes on Thursday nights to help strengthen and equip believers such as:

Essential Teachings of Historic Christianity

  • The Believer's Walk
  • Evangelism Training
  • Apologetics Training
  • Marriage Classes, etc.
  • Science Seminary

Living Truth Christian Fellowship also has a ministry of Home Fellowships (small groups) Living Truth Home Fellowships (LTHF) are made up of believers in Christ, who meet weekly in a home to study God's word, love, care for and encourage one another in our walk with Christ. Being in a small group is an opportunity for ‘in-depth' study, fellowship, friendships and growth enabling us to grow in our understanding of who God is and what He desires.

We have a passion for Evangelism, Living Truth Christian Fellowship holds special events throughout the year such as "Gospel Impact", “Free Fest” and others to reach our community with the good news of the Gospel (Romans 1:16).

We also support Missions throughout the world and believe in a global effort of reaching the world for Christ

Living Truth is a family friendly church. The goal of our ministry is to equip every precious person with God's truth and love at every level. We encourage families to worship together. Our weekly Sunday service includes the option of having our younger children worshipping with their parents before Sunday school. Our youth worship with us and then meet together for a Bible study that runs concurrently with the study in our "big" service. Wednesday nights our teens come together again for a mid-week Youth Group.